#6 – Pulley Technology

  • Sippy Cup: 17 seconds
  • Bannans: 26 seconds
  • Notepad (one way): 7 seconds
  • All Purpose Cleaner: 26 seconds (including glitch when cabinet opened)
  • Key Chain: (did not fully get across due to weight and slight incline) 30 seconds

Inquiry Based Questions:

  1. Where have you seen something like this before?
  2. Why did you build your pulley this way?
  3. What mistakes were made due to weight and gravity? Can you suggest a different way of doing this? (All Purpose Cleaner, keychain)
  4. What other objects could you add to the experiment? Do you think they will be successful or unsuccessful?
  5. Which of your methods was best for motion? Why?
  6. Which method was the quickest (acceleration)? Why?
  7. What helpful strategies have you learned that you would implement next time?

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