Assignment #7 [3/19/13]

Take Home Bags/Activities:

I have recently noticed that many of my 2nd grade students I am observing understand the concept of measurement. I have also noticed that they lack the ability to visually interpret what they are measuring and how to complete conversions. As a take home activity I will supply plastic measuring cups and containers. With parents, student will be required to fill containers at different measurements [1/4, 1/3, 1/2, etc] with water. This will also spark a conversation about fractions. Parents should ask questions such as “Which container do you think has the most water? Why?”. As students begin to understand the concept, parents may take the opportunity to pour the same amount of water into different sized containers.

Another take home bag I would send my students home with would include: ruler, piece of string, show lace, other non-standard units of measurement, measurement recording sheet. Goal: to use random objects within the house to measure the following > door, TV, lamp, table, etc. Estimate a measurement and help the student use a ruler (standard unit of measurement) and string (a non-standard unit of measurement) to determine the length of the object and enable a discussion about why measurement is important and can be used to compare objects.


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